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Why Podcasts Are Great! (Part 2 of 2)

The conversation continues from my part 1 on the topic. Before we talk about the podcaster, click here to read Advantages For The Listener. If you have, then lets jump right in!

Benefits For The Podcaster

From the beginning, podcasters were inspired to make their audio blogs because they wanted an authentic, uninhibited voice for their thoughts, ideas and opinions. Mainstream radio stations had their limitations in terms of time, content and scripts, and this led to the rise of podcasts, a medium which offered freedom of speech. A podcaster therefore enjoys freedom of content, liberty as to how the show will be put together as well as the length of the show.

In a world dominated with superficiality, podcasting has provided much needed relief. This is because it’s not appearance that matters (since podcasts are mostly audio recordings), but the quality of the content. As a podcaster, you have the advantage of building a genuine connection with your audience because followers are genuinely interested in the content of your show.

Podcasting also gives you the freedom to make recordings at your own convenience. You are neither limited by time nor location, simply plug into your portable device (even your phone) and start recording. You are also free to publish your content when you want to.

Financially, podcasting can prove to be quite a lucrative business. As with any other type of blogging, there are vast opportunities for sponsorships as well as advertising, which can be high income earners for the podcaster. Advertisements are a win-win for the podcaster and advertiser, because statistics show that listeners are more likely to listen to the complete advert made via podcast. This is because the audience trusts the podcaster and will therefore be open to try out products vouched for or endorsed by the podcaster.

Also, the more recent phenomenon of crowdfunding can also bring in income from your show. Listeners may pull their resources together and donate in support of your show, giving you some form of income for your passion or hobby.

With the advent of Google Al, followers will likely increase as language will no longer be a barrier to the audience. Google Al translates audio files into different languages without having to convert them to text as an intermediary. Talk about bringing the world to your doorstep.

Contemporary Content

Not only have podcasts been a great source of entertainment and information, but there are also some that focus on issues affecting our day to day lives. One such podcast is Affirm, which encourages women of color to affirm their worth, while placing value on their mental well-being. With the ongoing Black Lives Matter debates across the globe, Somebody, is a gripping podcast that details the struggles that black people in America face daily with police brutality and social injustice. Uncomfortable topics such as this one are necessary to effect the change we hope to see in the world.


Because the podcasting wave is on the rise, there is so much unchartered territory for the podcaster and so many topics to delve into for the audience. This means that there is room for growth and development within the industry. As a podcaster, with proper research and planning, you can reach heights you never imagined and leave an indelible mark in the podcast field.

Specifically, thats why I love what Afkloud is doing for Black and Pan-African Podcasters round the world. If the goal is to be heard, for your story and conversation to matter...then with Afkloud you'll be heard by the audience that really wants your voice, story and conversation to matter.

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