• 2 Pesewas

    2 Pesewas


    Social Commentary


    2 Pesewas is a Ghanaian podcast hosted by Edi and Peaches.
    Each week, the ladies discuss a range of issues from lowbrow to high: Hot button headlines, music to discover and love, and things that make you say WTF?!
    Unapologetically honest, incisive, and humourous, there’s never a dull moment.

  • African Teapot Podcast

    African Teapot Podcast


    Society & Culture


    In this podcast, we will open the doors to different African cultures by discussing stereotypes and issues affecting the typical African Family. We will visit different countries, tribes & ethnic groups throughout Africa. Empowering African women begins from understanding & changing both family & societal cultures. Hosted by Exy (Edna) a Cameroonian lady based in United States of America.

  • African Tech Roundup

    African Tech Roundup

    Andile Masuku, Osarumen Osamuyi.



    The African Tech Roundup podcast delivers independent Africa-focused technology, digital and innovation insight and analysis.
    The show is produced by broadcaster and entrepreneur, Andile Masuku (, and co-hosted by founder and writer of The Subtext (, Osarumen Osamuyi.

  • Afrobeat Turn Up Mix

    Afrobeat Turn Up Mix


    DJ Music Mix


    Entertain listeners through music mix.

  • Afrobeats _ DJ Expression

    Afrobeats _ DJ Expression


    DJ Music Mix


    Dj Mixtapes

  • Agempapula


    Radio Simba


    Ebiri mu mpapula j'amawulire.

  • Andile's Take Podcast

    Andile's Take Podcast

    Andile Masuku



    #AndilesTake is a podcast by broadcaster, creative strategist and entrepreneur, Andile Masuku. This Johannesburg-based Zimbabwean gleans insights from inspiring people he meets (many of them entrepreneurs), and shares candid reflections on the "business" that is life

  • Binsangawano


    Radio Simba



    Eno Pulogulaamu ekuzuukusa buli kumakya okukutwala kumulimu. Mulimu ebisanyusa ntoko nga; Webwazibidde nga gano gabeera mawulire ag'ekiro ekiyise, Bitabuse nga nago mawulire, Ebinyiizo, Essabo ly'emizannyo, Songa ku nsonga, Uncle Luyuguumo, Opeto, Zubabeeri Maaya n'ebirala. Nnyumirwa

  • Black Nature Narratives

    Black Nature Narratives

    Wild in the City



    Black Nature Narratives explores black perspectives on issues relating to the natural world and our relationship with nature.

    My name is Beth Collier, I'm a Nature based Psychotherapist and Anthropologist, teaching woodland living skills and natural history. I'm Director of Wild in the City, a London based non-profit supporting well-being through relationship with nature; using the skills of our ancestors to develop a closer connection with the natural world and a sense of belonging to communities past and present.

    Here we'll celebrate our love of nature and share inspiration from black leaders within conservation, ecology, outdoor education and environmental justice talking about their work and journeys into a field with low representation of black people; highlighting voices less heard within the environmental field.

    I'll also be exploring the historical legacies and lived experience which impacts on how we see ourselves as part of nature or as belonging within natural spaces and environmental organisations; giving consideration to how our presence and perspectives can become politicised when our lived reality diverges from the mainstream narrative.

  • Black Wall Street Today With Blair Durham

    Black Wall Street Today With Blair Durham




    The Black Wall Street Today (BWST) radio show is focused on all things Black entrepreneurship and hosted by Virginia Tech alumnae Blair Durham, co-founder and co-President of Black BRAND. BWST occurs live in the studios of the historic and prestigious HBCU Hampton University. The BWST podcast is produced by using selected audio from the radio show and other Black BRAND events. BWST is the media outlet for Black BRAND. Black BRAND is a 501(c)(3) organization that stands for Business Research Analytics Networking and Development. We are Hampton Roads Regional Black Chamber of Commerce. We promote group economics through professional development and community empowerment, and we unify the black dollar by providing financial literacy, entrepreneurship training, and networking resources! + + (757) 541-2680 Instagram: + Facebook:
    Jazzy Version of Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Jashsaun Peele & Grandpa Crunk.
    Produced by Seko Varner for Positive Vibes Inc. + (757) 932-0177

  • Blackpacking



    World View


    I interview Black travelers on their experience traveling to a new country or their home country. We discuss race, culture, and our travel lifestyles.

  • Boarding Pass


    Society & Culture


    A group of ladies discuss what it means to relocate, navigate, and explore the present in a whole new environment. Learn and Unlearn with them

  • Can We Talk?

    Can We Talk?


    Society & Culture

    An honest fun informative conversation on the messiness of adulting and everything in between. Sharing stories and experiences, along with some knowledge that may have been picked up along the way!

  • Cant Pick This Podcast

    Cant Pick This Podcast



    CAN’T PICK THIS Podcast is a podcast about adults living a day to day life following ambitions but still doing adult stuff. We talk about Sports, Fashion, Music, and even controversial topics we hear from in the news. keep in mind this is explicit as this is what it intends to be so if you have a little youngin (Not Mature) then you probably shouldn't Pick this Podcast around them.

  • Cultivate Smart

    Cultivate Smart

    Carl A



    This North American cross border podcast featuring Carl from the U.S. & Sashien from Canada to breakdown all things innovation, transformation & disruption of our global marketplace

  • DJ Dalavey Afro Mix

    DJ Dalavey Afro Mix

    DJ Dalavey


    Beat for beat best Afro mixes by DJ Delavey

  • DJ Don X

    DJ Don X


    DJ Music Mix


    The multi-award winning DJ Don X

  • DJ Kenyi

    DJ Kenyi

    DJ Kenyi


    Dj Kenyi's Afro Beat Mixes

  • Daily News (Uganda)

    Daily News (Uganda)

    Radio Simba


    Daily News from Uganda provided by Radio Simba

  • Do It 4 The Content

    Do It 4 The Content




    To become a successful content creator there is lots you have to do for the content. On this weekly podcast host Drea Okeke will be sharing tips and strategies she has used to dominate her social media Drea KnowsBest pages. Also expect fun conversations with successful content creators about their creative process. The ultimate goal of Do It 4 The Content podcast is to inspire you to take those first steps into digital creation and help you grow as a creator and ultimately turn your passion into your paycheck! Ready ? Lets do it for the content!

  • Don’t Forget To Flush Podcast

    Don’t Forget To Flush Podcast




    Powered by Passion: A fortnightly podcast informing on the African Renaissance, providing Culture Commentary and engaging in hilarious Toilet Seat Conversations without the toilet!

  • Dopamine


    Judith, Gloria, Liz, Linda

    Social Commentary

    Dopamine is a podcast featuring four girlfriends; Judith Otala, Gloria Nanfuka, Liz Karungi and Linda Mwesigwa, talking about adulting growing pains in Uganda. Why Dopamine? Well…great you ask, a scientist said that dopamine is the Kim Kardashian of hormones. Who wouldn’t want to associate with that?

  • East African Weekly Top 10

    East African Weekly Top 10


    DJ Music Mix


    The latest favorites in East Africa

  • Elizabeth Kasujja Talks

    Elizabeth Kasujja Talks

    Elizabeth Kasujja


    Lets talk Mental Wellness, Mindset and Personal Development

  • Engule


    Radio Simba

    Society & Culture

    World cup y'olulimi Nookumanya yatandika 2002 okwongera okunnyikiza olulimi nookulwagaza abantu.Engule etambulira mu Bwakabaka, emirimu, emikolo emizizo, enganda engero, ebisoko n'ebyobuwangwa ebirala nga byonna Baganda wamu n'ebiriwo mu nsi eno (current issues) Engule etandika mu gwa Mwenda okutuuka mu gwe kkumineebiri. Erimu emitendera ena, era agiwangula ofuna omudidi gw'ensimbi naafuuka Ssengule oba Nnangule

  • Everything Digital Radio Show With Faith History

    Everything Digital Radio Show With Faith History

    Faith History


    Get in the know with the new kids on the Tech scene in Nigeria and the diaspora! Hosted by @faithhistory Visit or follow us on @edigitalafrica for more.

  • Excuse My African

    Excuse My African

    Stella Damasus

    Society & Culture


    "Life through the eyes of a misrepresented and misunderstood African Girl Abroad" - This is a weekly podcast hosted by Stella Damasus, an award-winning Actress, and Entrepreneur. Through this platform, she will share her experiences and challenges, as well as her thoughts on different topics; ranging from Politics to Religion, Sex, Business, Entertainment, Human Rights, and everything about life as we know it.

  • Following Harriet

    Following Harriet




    Following Harriet is a podcast that takes a closer look at the life of one of the bravest and most extraordinary women in our country’s history. It also puts Harriet in a broader context, examining the 19th Century experience of African Americans, especially in Virginia.

  • FridayAfterWorkAffair



    DJ Music Mix


    A collection of mixes by Eskay, Theo, Tek, Jigga, released every Friday. The diverse tastes and styles result in a well-balanced range of beats from lounge to downtempo, funk, disco, to Deep house, to Jazzy, soulful vocals...

  • Gasimbagane Ne Banamawulire

    Gasimbagane Ne Banamawulire

    Radio Simba



    Wuliriza Bannamawulire abakugu, abanoonyereza wamu n'ababaka bo nga bakubaganya ebirowoozo ku nsonga ezibaddewo mu ggwanga okumala wiiki nnamba. Tosubwa Ahmad Kateregga Musaazi, Charles Rwomushana, Namayanja, Siraje Lubwama, Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi, John Kakande, Harunah Kanaabi ne Peter Kibazo. Nnyumirwa

  • Get On Code (The FlyGuys Show)

    Get On Code (The FlyGuys Show)


    Social Commentary


    #GetOnCode - The Fly Guy Show (Podcast) is a series of Conscious Melaninated conversations focused on solving OUR situations via empowerment. Led by Fly Guy Edutainer (Educator / Entertainer) and investor #SekoVarner from Our Black Improvement with a host of Fly Folk and Platformers, our show gives you stuff you need to know with an underlying focus on Black (Afro-Melaninated) Economics, Uplift, and politics. Join us with your comments as we discuss Uplift, Conscious Consumerism, Business activity, Social progress, and Community activism with fellow investors, educators, business people, etc.

  • Him And I

    Him And I

    Ava Tutsi

    Society & Culture

    Him & I is a story inspired by true events of a love story that went horribly wrong between a girl next door and a charming handsome boy. He won her heart then tried to stop it from beating permanently.

  • I Am African By Verastic

    I Am African By Verastic


    Society & Culture


    Authentic conversations about the Black race and the continent they came from.

  • I Work For Me Podcast

    I Work For Me Podcast

    Melina Lewis Author



    The I work for me podcast is about inspiring people to start a side-hustle or a new business. This came about during covid, when many people found themselves without jobs. I believe that by having multiple streams of income a person os more flexible and ready to take on what change may give them. The I work for me podcast chats to incredible small business men and woman and entrepreneurs who share their journey.

  • Image Matters: The Podcast

    Image Matters: The Podcast




    Let your image walk the talk! The purpose of this podcast is to help you exercise greater control over the impressions you create and the perceptions you influence. Experts in the fields of appearance, behaviour and communication will join to discuss, provide tools and insights on different topics around the three pillars. Press play and immerse yourself in the world of image consulting with a certified Image Consultant, Bellona Beryl Chopera.

  • John16And12


    Eva Virginius

    Religion & Spirituality


    It is a spirit Podcast. I hear from heaven and I act from what I hear. When I started my Podcast I didn't knew how it should be being alone recording but GOD gave me guests from heaven and they do come and talk in my recording and teach not only my listener but also me.
    They tell us what the Bible can not learn. They tell us how it is in heaven and give warnings and instruct us.

  • Journey Through The Scriptures

    Journey Through The Scriptures

    David Wiles

    Religion & Spirituality


    I am a perpetual traveler through the Bible. Please join me for the next part of my Journey through the Scriptures. Stay as long as you like, and let us together discover a bit more about the Bible.

  • Journey With Mpho

    Journey With Mpho


    Personal Blog


    Journey With Mpho is a podcast show dedicated to the exploration of mental health challenges, spirituality and poetry. The show consists of real-life stories from mental health survivors, spiritual healers and artists who use their artistry to establish a healthy life balance.

    Solo episodes by Mpho (the host) are an honest journaling of her experiences with mental health challenges and during these episodes, Mpho recommends spiritual practices aimed at finding balance between the mind, body and spirit.

    Guest episodes provide thought-provoking conversations on daily life challenges and the importance of staying true to yourself. The stories shared by guests provide invaluable take-aways for listeners who often struggle with mental health challenges, finding their purpose or simply seek inspiration.
    Most importantly, the interviews highlight the many ways podcasting can be used to motivate and inspire individuals on a global scale.

  • Kampala Breakfast Sqoop

    Kampala Breakfast Sqoop




    Meladz is here to wake you up every morning. They bring you news, gossip and everything you might have missed on social media that relates to the Ugandan pop scene. Simply the best morning show in the country! Play, Pause and Share.

  • Keeping A Secret

    Keeping A Secret


    Society & Culture


    This Podcast lets people call in anonymously, and share crazy secrets about themselves.

  • Let Me Tell You What...

    Let Me Tell You What...

    Mimi Bangura

    Religion & Spirituality


    Inspiration towards young Christians. We talk about the challenges of our Reality and ways we can conquer or restore our identity.

  • Let’s Podcast

    Let’s Podcast


    Society & Culture


    This podcast aims to uplift, connect and encourage you to live your best life through conversations and interviews around social & culture, business, sports, music and everyday life.

  • Lutindo


    Radio Simba


    Olutindo Pulogulaamu ekwata ku nsonga eziba ziguddewo mu Ggwanga mu byobufuzi, ebyenfuna n'ebirala. Teeka abakulembeze bo ku ninga bannyonyole

  • Lyrics and Lattes Podcast

    Lyrics and Lattes Podcast




    Welcome to Hip-Hop's #1 motivational podcast. Lyrics & Lattes is a self development podcast that uses Hip-Hop Lyrics as the foundation to encourage and motivate you to reach your full potential. Join co-hosts Jason R.L Wallace and Trevor DeSaussure as they sip the newest brew while extracting life lessons, wisdom, and self-development tips from your favorite hip-hop songs. We release two episodes every week fusing coffee, hip-hop, and inspiration for those looking for practical tips to grow personally and professionally.... but with a little swag. Whether you’re looking for a light morning mental boost or a deeper dive into personal growth, Lyrics and Lattes has you covered. | | IG: @LyricsAndLattes

  • Making Impact with Daniel Patrick


    Religion & Spirituality


    Making Impact is a multi-dimensional organisation which its central theme is on discovering and maximizing of potentials in individuals, which also includes transforming of lives by producing efficient and significant leaders in all areas of life. This podcast site is meant to reform, transform and impact everyone including the society. The host Daniel Patrick is an international motivational speaker, speaker, author, leadership mentor, relationship/marriage coach, educator, consultant for businesses and the government. He is a leader with a sensitive heart and international vision, also an ambassador for peace under the universal peace federation which is a body under the United Nations. You get fresh episodes under each series every Mondays and Thursdays. Get in touch with Daniel Patrick on: Facebook: Daniel Miracle Patrick. Instagram:danielopatrick. Twitter:@ApstDaniel. LinkedIn:Daniel Patrick. Email: Amazon author page:

  • Mukulikeeyo


    Radio Simba

    Social Commentary


    Mukulikeeyo from Radio Simba, Kampala Uganda

  • My African Clichés ( Français)

    My African Clichés ( Français)

    Alex Olateju



    Nous ne pouvons pas élever nos enfants dans l’ignorance de leur passé et nous attendre à ce qu’ils embrassent l’avenir avec intelligence et fierté. Alors embarquez avec nous sur le vol Sankofa, du nom de l’oiseau Sankofa, cet oiseau mythique qui vole en avant, la tête tournée en arrière, portant dans son bec un œuf qui symbolise l’avenir.

    Décolonisons nos esprits – Revoyons notre histoire inédite, cachée mais incroyable.

    Rejoignez le mouvement – Connaissez mieux l’histoire africaine – et aimez-la encore plus – Passez le mot!

  • My African Clichés (English)

    My African Clichés (English)

    Olateju Alex



    We can’t raise our children in the ignorance of their past and expect them to embrace the future with intelligent and pride. So come aboard with us in this Sankofa plane, named after the Sankofa bird, this mythical bird that flies forward, head turned back, carrying in its beak an egg that symbolizes the future.

    Let’s decolonize our minds- Let’s revisit our untold, hidden but AMAZING history.

    Join the movement- Know African history better- and love it even more- Spread the word!

  • No Wahala

    No Wahala

    Time & Bawo



    Nigerian-American compatriots, Tune Day (@theycallmeTUNE) + Bawo (@JustBawo) come together weekly with special guests to gist about music, culture, politics + all things #trending in the diaspora. From West Africa to the diaspora

  • Otherwise?


    Brenda Wambui


    Otherwise, a weekly show that explores Kenyan current affairs issues as chosen by you.

  • Phoenix Rising. Finding Your Life Calling With Thola Bennie

    Phoenix Rising. Finding Your Life Calling With Thola Bennie

    Thola Bennie



    This podcast aims to help people find their life purpose through motivational talks by the host who is a life coach, and through interviews that she conducts with other people who have been successful in following their life purpose. Other personal development topics will be covered as well.

  • Pods Naija

    Pods Naija


    Society & Culture


    A glimpse into the African people culture, telling relevant stories covering

    Contemporary issues in Africa, Interesting African Myths and Facts, Strange but true events, Persons of interests including international and national treasures, Opinions on global matters and Progress report on the activities of The Smile Outreach.
    You are most welcome to the Listening Hub of the Century, be rest assured you are in for a beautiful adventurous ride.
    Kindly follow on Instagram Facebook, Youtube or Twitter for updates.

    Stay tuned.

  • Poetry


    Steven Richardson



    Written and narrated by Steven Richardson
    Short stories

  • Punishment Island

    Punishment Island


    Society & Culture

    There are things we don't speak of in Kampala, that's why the city always ruins the naive and innocent.

    After an encounter that shows her the darker side of the city; Naka, shares her story and those of others from around Uganda.

    Episodes available every fortnight.

  • Spring Show

    Spring Show


    Society and Culture


    Creative writing, inspiring and edutaining podcast series.

    We also provide a platform for you to showcase your creativity – arts, crafts, music, etc.

    Kids are not left out as they get to enjoy stories, fun facts and much more..

  • Stella Who's She

    Stella Who's She


    Society & Culture


    Life,motivational,self love,goal oriented,culture, discipline and love

  • Stitch Please

    Stitch Please




    The STITCH PLEASE centers Black women, girls, and femmes in sewing. It fills a niche and need for black women sewists while educating all listeners about issues of consequence in the lives of Black people. The podcast combines detailed sewing and creative discussions with black affirming content. Lisa Woolfork, the show host and creator, is in a unique position to provide rich sewing instruction and crafting techniques alongside insightful cultural critique. She is a fourth generation sewing enthusiast who learned to sew while earning a PhD in African American literature and culture. She has been sewing for more than twenty years while also teaching, researching and publishing in African American literature and culture as a university professor. Listeners get expert content knowledge about sewing as well as ways to dismantle the racism that is, sadly, prominent in the sewing community. The structure of the podcast alternates between solo hosted episodes with interviews with black women sewists and entrepreneurs.

  • Stuck In The Middle Podcast

    Stuck In The Middle Podcast

    sitmpodcast Hosts


    A platform for #entrepreneurs, #innovators, move-makers of #African descent. Hear #stories, ideas, #experiences, & advise on breaking #barriers. 📺🎙

  • Sunday Gospel Show

    Sunday Gospel Show

    Radio Simba

    Religion & Spirituality

    Sunday Gospel Show from Radio Simba Uganda.

  • Take The Lead Podcast With Tera Chantelle

    Take The Lead Podcast With Tera Chantelle


    Religion & Spirituality


    Take the Lead Podcast is design to take the action steps to lead by example. Your peers are watching your every move. Take the Lead will help you stay on your P’s & Q’s in this journey. We need someone to step up to the plate. Will the example be YOU?

  • That's What I'm Saying!

    That's What I'm Saying!


    Society & Culture


    Weekly podcast from two sisters on Hip-Hop, Dating, Sex & Social Issues from a "sometimes ratched" but mostly woke perspective.

  • The 13th Floor Podcast

    The 13th Floor Podcast

    Arthur Faison

    Society & Culture


    The 13th Floor is a unique space often associated with myths and the unknown. You won't find that here! This space is filled with fresh and sometimes unorthodox views on everyday life. Created by the men of Fledgeology, The 13th Floor provides behind the scenes access into life as a man of color. Join us for our weekly conversation that includes current events, family life, education, relationships, careers and random experiences of The 13th Floor residents. Look forward to seeing you up there where the furniture isn't always the best but the views are amazing!

  • The African Dream

    The African Dream


    Society & Culture


    The African Dream is a podcast that shares stories and journeys of Africans from different backgrounds with the hope of inspiring and motivating fellow Africans to never give up their ''African Dream''. Each episode will be an interview of a professional, academic, or entrepreneur as they share the story, and the highs and lows, of how they climbed the ladder of success to become the successful African they are today. The aim of the podcast, and the interviews, is to share information that can and will hopefully help other Africans struggling to achieve ''The African Dream''.

  • The Black History Buff Podcast

    The Black History Buff Podcast




    Heard in over 100 countries the Black History Buff podcast is a fun and thrilling journey through time. Covering the full historical tapestry of the African Diaspora, you’ll hear tales covering everything from African Samurai to pistol-wielding poets.

    More than just a podcast, the show is a bridge that links communities throughout the African diaspora and enlightens and empowers its friends.

  • The Civil Disobedience Project

    The Civil Disobedience Project




    We look at Music and how it has been used to convey and express emotion. How it invokes